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Musical Services

Whilst I'm primarily a bassist with an emphesis on live performance, I offer various other music-related services. Please get in touch for more info and pricing on any of the options outlined below!! 


Live Performance

At heart, I'll always be a live performer first and foremost. I've an extensive repertoire of all the 'standard function tunes' you can imagine, and have worked with both covers and originals bands of all varieties on bass, guitar, keyboards, ukulele, double bass, and mandolin.

I can also combine any of the above with backing vocals, and offer a solo(or duo with a trusted second party) acoustic covers package if needed.


Studio Sessions

No matter what the style, I'll get it done- just give me the brief and I'll add some sweet-sounding bass tones to your music!

I have a quality home studio and work both remotely and on-location as required.

In addition to electric bass guitar, I'm proud to offer recording sessions on double bass, u-bass, acoustic/electric guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and keyboards...

and if that wasn't enough, podcast editing too!


1:1 career/instrumental development for musicians

Practical Solutions to taking the next steps within the music industry. This is career development for musicians of all abilities and bands at all stages.

In addition to my career coaching, I'm pleased to also offer instrumental coaching- these can be combined as a package for those wanting to master both their instrument, and the industry as a whole!


PA System/Live Sound

I can provide a pro-level PA system, mics, monitors, and my live engineering expertise honed by years on the road.

My current PA rig features a pair of 450W Mackie SRM450 loudspeakers, a Yamaha MG16 desk, and the various sundries required to run live sound for a small/medium sized band in venues of most sizes(any venue needing a PA bigger than this will already have one in place).

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