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About Me

Hi, I'm Steve Leggett, a professional Musician with over a decade of experience performing on stages of all sizes. I've set up this website to accompany my podcast 'Big Gig Energy', but also to act as something of a portfolio to show off the range of services I offer, all the way from live performance, session work, and teaching on various instruments, to 1:1 bespoke career development for musicians of all levels.

Originally from Sussex, I started out on jazz piano before moving on to bass, guitar, and various other instruments. Having spent a few years cutting my teeth on the pub/club circuit, upon graduating from University in Liverpool in 2013 I spent the next few years touring the world with a ukulele boyband I co-founded in 2012 as a joke with some fellow music students, Ukebox( 

My time with Ukebox proved extremely formative- despite our light-hearted origins, in my time with them we visited 55-ish countries in just a few years, and got to meet and work alongside a great many household names from the entertainment industry, in addition to playing gigs ranging from pubs and clubs, to Sunday Night At The London Palladium, and a packed-out Goodison Park stadium to roughly 40,000 football fans.

More importantly, as a band we had to learn about the music industry the hard way as we went along, first by setting up a Limited Company, and then by taking an increasingly assertive and businesslike approach to the services we were providing which demonstrably helped us attain success the likes of which few ukulele boybands have ever attained...

I left Ukebox in 2017, and soon after settled down into working as a guitar technician at Jack's Instrument Services( Tone( in Manchester by day, whilst gigging up and down the country as a 'hired gun' musician by night for a wide range of bands.

I now divide my time between gigs, sessions, sound engineering, podcasting, editing, coaching, photography, lutherie, guitar scratchplate/component manufacturing, cycling, and long walks in the Peak District.

Video showreel- see me in action!

Solo acoustic showreel!

Filmed at Old Hall Road Studios in Stretford, this features my take on various classic tracks from 1964-2022, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Harry Styles.

Bass solo! Detroit Bar, January 2022.

Putting my homemade 'S' Brand bass through its paces during a band introduction spot during a residency show.

Old Hall Road Session with The Retrosettes(, October 2022 // Video Killed The Radio Star.

Always love working with these guys. My 60's Egmond Bass was the perfect choice for this session and suited the band perfectly- plus I had great fun learning the intro's synth line.

Showreel! [Prospect Studios, January 2022]

I'm featured here on bass with Bradford-based function band 'The Northern Groove Collective' as we blast through a whistlestop tour of some of the bigger tunes in our set.

Ukebox // Beatles Medley. August 2014. I co-founded Ukebox in summer '12, and our biggest(online) claim to fame is the half-a-million-odd views on this Beatles medley video. 

General bass playthrough video of 'One Ocean Way' by yacht-jazz titans The Rippingtons.

Ukebox's first TED-X appearance, July 2016. This clip features a short interview regarding our work setting up the world's first visually-impaired ukulele orchestra, and a couple of tunes.

Ukebox // Uptown Funk, April 2015.

I'm well known by most that have worked with me for my 'energetic' live performances. This video comes close to capturing some of that energy.

Audio showreel- hear me in action!

'Big Gig Energy' Podcast Theme. Written/recorded in November '22 as the intro/outro to my first podcast, 'Big Gig Energy'.

Listen here:

'Mind Over Grind' Podcast Theme. Commissioned in October '22 by Alice Lyons from

Listen here:

'Solving Suicide' Podcast Theme. Commissioned in September '22 by Alice Lyons from for her suicide prevention/discussion podcast, 'Solving Suicide'.

Listen here:

Below are a quartet of original songs I wrote and recorded with Ukebox in the mid 2010's.

...and finally an original tune I wrote/recorded in 2015-ish.

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